Effective biblical teaching is text driven”. Don't just study God's Word for the sake of studying. First, I encourage you to start, even on a modified and very small level. It's a good practice to try and pull out these themes and applications on your own as you meditate, even before you begin using other study tools. B. Bible study is not the same thing as Bible reading.If Bible reading is like raking for leaves, Bible study is like digging for diamonds. If you need help getting started, this particular method is great for beginners but can be geared toward any level of study. Simple Truth Clearly Communicated Changes Lives. What is your favorite Bible verse? 1. . Learning How to Teach Scripture More Effectively 1 – Introduction to Interpretation. Ordinary Joes and Jolenes can break open God's words of truth and life and let the light shine out to help other ordinary people see the meaning. Text Presentation. The course will cover a wide assortment of topics ranging from basic Biblical information, e.g. Witness of the Holy Spirit: One other way to be able to teach the lessons of the Bible more effectively is for you to depend on the Holy Spirit. Any less and he felt unprepared. Step 1 of Bible Study: Observation Observation is the first and most important step in how to study the Bible. There are at least a couple of steps to this process. How can you communicate the truth that has spoken to your life in a manner that will speak to another? But we should all be teachers of the Bible. Now you will slow down and read the book verse by verse, breaking down the text, looking for deeper understanding. Second, make sure you can make it understandable and applicable to a junior high boy who has never been to church. Studying to teach, when done right, takes as much concentration as playing tennis. There are many ways to study the Bible. Sometimes you'll detect a general message in the book. The best pastors do this. 5 Simple Steps for Studying the Bible Effectively,Jim George, Th.M. Even if you read the same place! Start by reading the Bible five minutes a day. Syllabus for Effective Bible Teaching (FMT 503) Front Range Bible Institute Professor Tim Dane I. Next, you'll spend some time, perhaps several days, reading through the entire book. Using a Bible dictionary, look up the meaning of the word living in the original language. This should probably go without saying, but I would recommend reading the text upwards of 10 times. 26. Simple words of instruction in opportune moments can change lives and shape destinies, no sermon or advanced degree required. Teaching is one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Every time you read the Bible, the Holy Spirit will teach you something new. He is a lead …. The Map Maker: Discover Joyful, Spirit-filled Ministry by Making Disciples and Transforming the Marketplace, 4 components that must precede leadership training. Get a helpful book like Gordon Fee’s How to Read the Bible for All It’s Worth to understand how a psalm is different than a Gospel and how an epistle is different from apocalyptic literature. The most effective way to teach the Bible Mist and Fog Obscure the Light. I am a firm believer that Christians should study the Bible regularly. (NLT). There are four steps to mastering the Bible so well that the Bible masters you: 1. This class is on how to study and teach the Bible. 1. You don’t have to know everything there is to know about Scripture when you teach a Bible class, but you do have to know the text you are teaching. What Bible truths do you savor? If your gift . Look also for "life application principles." Read the Word with the author. All Christians should be studying the ible. Since teaching is a key element in acquiring information and developing knowledge, it is not surprising that the Bible has much to say about teaching. I was asked to teach a Bible study with 250 women every week in Atlanta, Georgia. Uniform lessons cover large portions of the Bible, but the issues of age-appropriate lessons for children and the thoroughness of covering books of the Bible, in my mind, limit its effectiveness. Learning How to Teach Scripture More Effectively 4 – Biblical Literary Genres Read as Single Page Page 1 of 4 He wanted to know why he had to dip himself in the muddy Jordan River when the rivers of his homeland were better? It will help students develop a sound methodology in the preparation of their materials. (NIV). Theological seminaries often host highly-regarded scholars. Each student will have a personal tutor to review their answers and also respond to any questions they may have. However, you'll need to implement them differently, based on whether you're leading a first grade classroom, teaching a neighbor a new skill, homeschooling your children, or teaching a business seminar. As you continue to do this type of verse by verse study, there's no limit to the wealth of understanding and growth that will come from your time spent in God's Word. ... Before you start each study session, begin by praying and asking God to open your spiritual... 03. ... With this method, you will study an entire book of the Bible. Simple truths simply spoken simply change things for the better. Eventually, he did dip himself seven times in the Jordan and came out "restored like the flesh of a little child, and he was clean," (2 Kings 5:14 ESV). They read those with whom they agree and also those with whom they disagree. In this course, you will learn how to teach your Bible … At the beginning of every series, my normal is to say, “If you are not reading anything else these days, join me in reading the book of James as we study this together.”. I do not want anyone to be impressed with me. Most people need continual encouragement to read their Bibles. You teach people who are experiencing remarkable life transitions and stories. Would you ask God to give you an opportunity to share that with someone today? V. A Good Teacher Works Application I will keep my attempts at biblical instruction simple. Psalm 119:130 in the New Living Translation says, "The teaching of your word gives light, so even the simple can understand. How to Effectively Teach the Bible as You Zoom I have created a comprehensive online course for Bible study leaders who are now using Zoom! Take notes on the ideas that jump out at you. Exalt it as the authoritative word of God. Most Christians will The first draft of How to Study Your Bible was four pages long, printed on a … Somewhere I read that G. Campbell Morgan, the great British pastor and expositor, would read through a book of the Bible at least 40 times before teaching it. Thirty years later, I am grateful for how she burst my bubble. As you read the Bible text, you need to look carefully at what is said, and how it is said. Read through it (and the book in which it is … How to Teach Home Bible Study Course Effectively. For more information, see http://www.mybiblestudylessons.com and http://www.joshhunt.com Start Teaching right Session #1 10 Questions Why questions? He initially rebelled against Elisha's instructions. Daily Bible reading is a great way to stay in touch with God, but it is not necessarily study. (NIV) So, as you pray, realize that the words you are studying are inspired by God. Teaching and the Teacher Our Teaching section provides a guideline for teachers. Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. The Christian life calls for both. What verses have you committed to memory? You and I can do this. A dear lady who loved enough to tell me the truth said, "I don't think you know what you're talking about.". Before you start each study session, begin by praying and asking God to open your spiritual understanding. - Study from the Bible and be encouraged to grow your faith! One chapter at a time. For example, in the book of James, an obvious theme is "persevering through trials." They humbled me with the depth and breadth of their knowledge and insight. is teaching, then teach” (Romans 12:6–7). The best professors do this. You can change everything for the better for now and forever. Be sure to put the Word into practice in your life. You may want to spend much more time digging into the Old Testament and some of the longer books of the Bible. 2. If God speaks to you personally or through life application principles you find in the text, be sure to apply those nuggets to your day-to-day life. There is much to be unlocked in the text from a cursory understanding of these things. It is about "giving light, so even the simple can understand." Study the Bible 3. If you've never done this before, start with a small book, preferably from the New Testament. Jesus said the Holy Spirit is on the earth to teach us.

One of the noblest pursuits a child of … Copyright © 2021 Networld Media Group, LLC. When we study the Bible, we are on a quest for meaning — and not just any meaning, but God’s meaning through the Bible’s human authors. Explain the theology behind the disciples’ question (see commentaries) 3. Studying to teach a Bible class means reading, investigating and praying for understanding. Biblical teaching is centered on God’s word. Know the verse well; memorize it yourself, print the letters in large clear letters, or print on a posterboard if you're instructing a whole … Make me a man who breaks open your word to let the light shine out so that ordinary people can see the meaning. Learning about God’s Word is part of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus. The Learn to Read the Bible Effectively online course is Free and will give you a basic understanding of what the Bible teaches. 4. Prayer Our Father, empower me to simply communicate your words of truth and life. Learn Teaching the Bible effectively and have fun while you are learning! Pray for guidance. Make them memorable and portable. An example of a life application principle in the book of James is: "Make sure your faith is more than just a statement -- it should result in action.". All rights reserved. Psalm 119:130 tells us, "The unfolding of your words gives light; it gives understanding to the simple." May the joy of the Lord and the blessings of the Almighty God be upon … And reading in such a way as to enter it. You start to see a deeper meaning: "God's Word causes life to come about; it quickens.". I distinctly recall some wonderful speakers from my student days. To be sure, not everyone is called to do the same kind of teaching. ", The Importance of Repetition in the Bible, Christian Meditation From a Biblical Viewpoint, 10 Practical Ways to Prepare for a LDS Mission, General Biblical Studies, Interdenominational Christian Training Center. 2. To smell, see, and taste what is happening in the text. The real issue here is two-fold: How effectively do you want to teach the Bible to every age level and how much of the Bible do you want to cover? Hebrews 4:12 begins with, "For the word of God is living and active..." (NIV) Are you starting to get excited about Bible study? Learning How to Teach Scripture More Effectively 3 – Biblical & Systematic Theology. When you approach the Bible like it’s a text book, and your teaching time like it’s a college lecture, don’t be surprised if you lose teenagers’ attention. They continuously learn how to research, study, write, teach, along with every other skill that might improve their communication. Now the real adventure begins. dio station. The Bible should always determine the content of the message. Hold it before the class. Many of us have taught the Bible for years in a classroom setting – but not over a video conference call. When you have laid that foundation, the devotional approach to the Bible will help us guide students to apply their biblical knowledge to life. Blind since birth—the miracle is not remedial, it is creative ( John 1:3) 2. Probably one of the most common reasons Christians don't study the Bible is based on this complaint, "I just don't understand it!" Meditate on the Bible. Mary Fairchild is a full-time Christian minister, writer, and editor of two Christian anthologies, including "Stories of Cavalry. I want them to know and experience you instead. Once you've finished the first book, choose another one and follow the same steps. A Bible study guide or perhaps a study Bible will also help you dig deeper. But if you’re excited and engaging, your students will “catch” this. As you become more comfortable studying God's Word, you will begin to develop your own techniques and discover favorite resources that will make your study very personal and meaningful. Video Presentation. . Excellent teachers commit to a lifetime of learning. Hi, Pastor Dan Cu here greeting you a blessed day which God has made for you and for your loved ones. Amen. Teach it without apology or compromise (1 Thess. Course Description This course will teach students how to become better teachers of the Bible by doing the following: A. You've taken the biggest step by getting started. Andy Stanley said on the Building a Storybrand podcast that we should simplify our communication. Ralph Mayhew has been leading people for more than 20 years. One night I was demonstrating my own depth and breadth of knowledge and insight at the small country church where I was a first-time full-time pastor. Teach a Bible verse at the end of any activity. Use small words and use them over and over. You are to have a growing understanding of what God says through the information you are teaching. The hunger these women had to know God’s Word and apply it in a deeply personal way to their everyday lives touched me. What a powerful statement! How to Study the Bible is designed to give a student the information and tools required to begin effectively studying the Word of God. Foster, Ph.D., as a psychologist and Director of AuthenticQuest.org, provides spiritual direction, counseling, …, Rev. 2. In reference to the Bible, he will: 1. This gives an opportunity for God's Word to speak to you personally. A growing teacher KNOWS WHO you are teaching. You have the unique opportunity to allow God to speak to you as you study and as you help others study and apply the truth. Notice the differences. The teacher should know the Bible. Emphasize its principles not his own opinions or the traditions of men. In this step, we'll see what the text looks like under a microscope, as we begin breaking it down. I cannot change their lives. “We have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us. With this method, you will study an entire book of the Bible. First, make sure you understand the text, the context, the meaning, and its range of applications. It is the Greek word 'Zaõ' meaning, "not only living but causing to live, vivifying, quickening." ", The Message puts it this way: "Break open your words, let the light shine out, let ordinary people see the meaning.". Encourage your people to read. Read the Bible 2. 2:2, 4). Remember KISS: Keep It Simple Sweetie. The teaching position should never be abused to push personal agenda’s, or as a platform for rabbit trails. That was not the only time she let me know I was getting a little too big for my theological britches. Do this more than once. In this first session of the course, we will look at some background information about this fascinating book. This method is just one to consider. 3. People may be impressed with the proud pontifications of a professor, but what they long for most is simple truth plainly spoken that can be personally applied to the mutual delight of the individual and the Lord. If you've never done this... 02. There are also many useful online Bible study resources available if you have access to a computer for your study time. How to Teach the Bible So Others Understand Whether you’re teaching about God’s love or sovereignty, these four steps will prepare you to teach. This is the first in a multi-part series on how to study the Bible in order to teach the Bible. Simple Truth Clearly Communicated Changes Lives. How To Study The Bible More Effectively- 10 Easy Steps. 10. The best Bible study leaders do this. Learning How to Teach Scripture More Effectively 2 – Reading the Bible with Understanding. There are some principles of effective teaching that can be applied in virtually any educational situation. This will help them remember the Bible and its meaning in their life better. Try teaching inductively rather than deductively. Stanley gives us this simple lesson from this episode: To understand why, submit and apply. Because God's Word is alive, you can study the same passage several times and continue to discover new, relevant applications throughout your walk of faith. The best Bible teachers and preachers I know make me want to engage with the Bible like they do. Jesus said in Luke 11:28, "But even more blessed are all who hear the word of God and put it into practice." Memorize the Bible 4. the number of books in the Bible, to the use of advanced study aides such as Concordances and Bible Commentaries. If you come out to teach based on what you have been able to practice from the word of God, you would an effective teacher of the scripture. His emphasis in class is on the Bible not on opinion, secular teachings, etc. Phillip A. This should take about half an hour. The Bible says in 2 Timothy 3:16, "All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness." It is a book of amazing diversity: read the Bible and you will find a mixture of enchanting history, beautiful poetry, remarkable prophecy, great wisdom, simple proverbs and difficult teaching.No one can understand modern society without understanding the history and message of the Bible. Communicating words of truth and life is not about impressing people or baffling them. ... God is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Enjoy the study of the Bible with family and friends or on an individual basis. Focus on Jesus’ answer… An Easy Step-by-Step Method of Studying the Bible 01. Plan to spend 3-4 weeks studying the book you have chosen. 27. What ever the message of the passage is, the message of the lesson is. For this portion of your study, you will want to consider choosing the right tools to aid in your learning, such as a  commentary, lexicon or Bible dictionary. David Bowman (DMin, PCC) is a Younique Founding Master Trainer and an Auxano Lead Navigator. As you read, look for themes that may be woven into the chapters. One of his favorite examples is from a message he did about Naaman who had leprosy and went to the Prophet Elisha for healing. The book of James, Titus, 1 Peter, or 1 John are all good choices for first-timers. … People may be impressed with the proud pontifications of … Excellent Bible teachers regularly sharpen the axe of their own teaching. As you use the various methods of Bible study and teaching to communicate biblical content, you will lay a foundation in the life of your students.

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