The most recent training focused on the new National Curriculum, its aims and … Expect questions such as: Ofsted inspectors are looking to ensure that there is adequate provision for pupils who have learning gaps that may be current, or future barriers to learning. What is your pedagogy in foundation subjects? What CPD provision do you have for all staff? Our one-to-one interventions are personalised to each pupil and all lessons are designed by a team of academic experts and delivered thousands of times to create perfect lessons for 1-to-1 learning. “The new Education Inspection Framework (EIF) refers to learning being sequenced and adapted to suit the school I think. How are you evidencing lessons which use concrete apparatus? See also Alex Bedford‘s site where he’s shared a breakdown of exactly how an Ofsted inspection under the new Ofsted framework took place. Ofsted deep dives are a key part of the new Ofsted Inspection Framework’s curriculum focus. All school inspectors complete training in mathematics. Does the teacher have strong subject knowledge? One to one interventions that transform maths attainment, Subsidised one to one maths tuition now available for schools. Our interventions also help those pupils who may be falling behind catch up with their peers, enabling class teachers to spend less time worrying about organising and delivering catch-up lessons in their own time. Continuous professional development is key to ensuring quality first teaching, so expect to be asked during any subject deep dive what provision you currently have in place for teachers, and just as importantly, how do you support new staff. The briefing draws on information from Ofsted guidance for inspectors, including the School inspection handbook, School inspection update, and Inspecting the curriculum. This website and its content is subject to our Terms and Essential guidance for Maths Leaders, Heads and Other SLT on what and how to prepare. Will the correct vocabulary for the topic be used? The Ofsted deep dive is one of the key elements of the new Ofsted Inspection Framework’s curriculum focus. Subject Foundations in EYFS - Knowledge Organisers Bundle. The briefing should be useful to tea… I can’t help it, every time I hear the phrase it conjures up for me an image of an OFSTED inspector, in a rubber swimming hat, goggles and baggy trunks preparing to dive into the depths of murky subject knowledge or the dearth of it. We understand that approaches vary across schools and will take each school’s circumstances into account, including the very smallest. Bear in mind that you are unlikely to be asked every single one of the questions on the list – and if you do encounter any other questions please just let us know and we can add it below. Download our list of questions to get the latest insights – it's based on several recent inspections under the new framework. Tes Global Ltd is What will we see in the lesson observation? What is the aim for all children to know when they leave Y6? fsted Deep Dive aths 2 For more free resources and intervention support go to Contents What’s in this resource? As well as this, teaching staff benefit from over 1500+ ready to go resources in the Third Space Maths Hub. Talk to me about the school's long term plan for music and the cross curricular links 3. Daily activities, ready-to-go lesson slides, SATs revision packs, video CPD and more! What support do you provide in a leadership role to ensure a good work life balance for staff? Ofsted Experience One-day Section 8 (2 HMI Inspectors) Wednesday 25th September 2019 10.45am Admin phone call 11.30am Phone Call with the Lead Inspector During the discussion we discussed the leadership arrangements of the school and the type of inspection. When we walk round what will be see being taught in maths? While there will undoubtedly be some variation in the kinds of questions asked between subjects and year groups, these examples give a clearer picture of the general ideas and intentions behind a deep dive-focused inspection. Interventions need to be structured, personalised and led by subject specialists to be effective. These Editable Ofsted Deep Dive PSHE Intent, Implementation and Impact Statements clearly show the reasons behind your choice of PSHE curriculum with this detailed description of what is covered, how it is covered and the outcomes of successful coverage of your PSHE scheme of work. They are looking for a top level view. KeyDoc: reading deep dive questions (primary) DOC, 158.5 KB Download. Preparation and Discussion Framework for School Leaders. Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6. SLT. They didn’t comment on off the shelf as such other than the question. Every week Third Space Learning’s maths specialist tutors support thousands of pupils across hundreds of schools with weekly online 1-to-1 lessons and maths interventions designed to plug gaps and boost progress. View part two. Share. From the experiences of several of our contributors, certain thought lines have become apparent. Audit what’s working well, prioritise activities for greatest impact and understand the principles behind Ofsted’s new inspection practice; Includes checklists and the questions you are likely to be asked during an Ofsted deep dive in maths. What is in place for the children who are stuck? As maths is our specialist subject (we support thousands of schools every year with specialist maths interventions and curriculum resources), our examples are drawn from maths, but almost all questions will apply to other subjects as well. We’ve also prepared a free downloadable framework of the most frequently asked Ofsted deep dive maths questions together with a framework for preparing your answers. Questions to think about are: We have to empower teachers by providing them with CPD, which is why Third Space Learning provides schools with two types of CPD. Why you shouldn’t aim for outstanding teaching, Ofsted consultation 2019; summary of results, request a personalised quote for your school, Ofsted Ratings and Reports Explained for Parents & Teachers, Knowledge Organisers: What They Are And How To Use Them In KS1 and KS2, Primary Curriculum Design: Planning for Ofsted’s Intent, Implementation and Impact, Ofsted Consultation 2019 Results: Changes To The Draft Framework. This briefing explains how Ofsted conducts deep dives and how inspectors use evidence from deep dives to form inspection judgements. Thanks to the Maths Subject Leader and Mobilise School-based Lead for maths for sharing their experience of the school's recent Ofsted deep-dive in maths.

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