Both smell and taste disorders are often the results of similar conditions or factors. Already feels like it's been a year, to me. Its been 6 weeks since my Dr clinically diagnosed me with mild Covid19 symptoms. I can't eat dressings such as ranch, cesaer, etc. However, if you have any concerns about your smell or any more questions, we strongly recommend talking with your physician. Very frustrating! I agree, please reply to the questions that are posed. it all started 2 days ago when i started using some certain medication, i can't taste or smell anything except this strange weird sensation that sometimes come as pains in my head. Not that pleasant but if you are desperate!! Is the same with me that’s how I felt.. do you think it will come back anytime soon.. it’s so annoying.. I've lost 40 pounds, which isn't a bad thing, but there seems to be very few things I even want to eat lately. I could still taste things, but very narrow part of the taste spectrum. This has an anti-inflammatory action and works in a similar way to natural body chemicals to control inflammation. Trying to research remedies…, You should get tested for Covid. Not a guarantee that it will work to you but its worth trying. I was taking some paracetamol and also took a couple of antibiotics. I tried them. nope! im feeling paranoid already. ThankU in advance for your help! This has caused my severe depression, and panic attacks to flaire up. Just turned 81. And no its not covid 19 either got tested a couple of weeks back cause i moved interstate in Australia. Sorry I meant aspirin for some reason my phone typed aspirina. And how long did ot take to return? Despite starting chemo with only 25% of taste and smell….my taste and smell came back with a vengeance. Buying tomorrow please tell me thanks, Hi, mine said to use 2 sprays once a day so that’s what I followed. I did some research and it’s telling me “Covid 19” but I have no symptoms of it. But taste isn’t a sense to be taken for granted. I called my doctor and they said it may take up to 2 months. Emergency Doctor said the blood test will be out soon to check if I have antibodies of Covid. Just thought I would try and save everyone on here the headache and or the $50 that he wants before offering his solution which he does not have. We recommend talking to your health care provider about this – they can answer your questions the best, because they know your health history. We’ll provide you with ideas for healthy living and ways to maintain balance, stay fit and take care of you and your family. Hello, pc means piece.« just like 1 piece of lime means 1pc of lime» I shortened it that’s why. Far as covid different people have different symptoms and different experiences my moms covid lasted 4 and half weeks mine lasted 2, we both did recover and neither of us went to hospital. I used a particular anti-biotic called CIPROTAB 500, I used it morning and night for 5 days, and it worked for me, I’ve regained my sense of smell and taste back. They may be your best resource as they're most familiar with your medical history and current conditions. I'm at wits's end. Once in a while try and smell things with slightly strong smell like your perfumed body creme, but do not sniff too hard. I still smell or taste, bitter things like salt and seasonings makes my tongue feel sensational but that is it. Hey i had the same symptom…my nose ran for one instant and then my taste partially went one day and then went completely on the day you posted this. Have all of you regained your taste and smell? Advised to get a covid test July 9th. It's now been 2 weeks later where I cant taste anything at all. I am having the exact same problem! I could start to taste the bitterness of the alcohol and even ran over to my diffuser to see if I could smell the peppermint and I could ! But, if you suffer from acid reflux, avoid spicy foods as they can trigger heartburn. I've had cold for three days and i lost my taste and smell. Its already 1 week since i lost my sense of taste n smell due to cold weather and i haven't feel sick anyway , i already lost my appetite to eat, can someone help me what should i do. Use a nasal decongestant medication or spray prior to eating. I see a lot of these folks have lost their sense of taste and smell only for a few days. Covid came back positive, I lost my sense of smell and teast after treating been 4days now but still haven't gotten it back. I didn't have any cold or symptoms of anything similar, and my nose was very clear. Please please please update, because I am becoming more impatient by the day wondering when I will be able to taste my food again! Hii, so I read this article about last week and I observed that everybody that has the symptom used different medication. Nothing is working for me and I think I lost it for good!! I can tell by the way something smells that I won't be able to eat it. The ENT only found a deviated septum which he said couldn't be the cause. Apple Cider Vinegar. Your nose could be the cause. Did you recovered from covid without being hospitalized ? I can only eat plain potato chips. Someone pls help. i think i will go get some flonase today from walmart. Boubou and others thanks so much for helping by sharing your thoughts. Then, lay it over your face and nose and leave it on for 5 minutes, or until the cloth gets cold. Have you asked your oncologist or primary care provider about this side effect and how long it will last? I have lost hope. My nose is clear my voice is slightly back to normal. have you regained you sense of Small and taste back? I took an antibiotic to get rid of it but lost my sense of taste and smell. If yes then how much time did it take? This has worked for him. You may be anemic. Water has a copper or metallic taste added to it, and milk tastes like it would most likely is it wasn't mixed. I am 37 years old. But I still can't smell anything. Add Peppers to Your Meals. Our blog is for educational purposes only, and we don't know enough about your current conditions, medications or medical history to responsibly give you medical advice. Hope you people are fine too..if not then GET WELL SOON!! If you find any tricks to make your smell or taste return please do let me know. SANDEE Basically, cherry and cream pastries with sugar on top. Had put 2 lemon drops In both the nostrils by tilting the head. Somethings taste and smell the same that I know are completely different. I have no pain either but so miserable to loose 2 of ones 5 senses….just hoping somehow it will return but after 3months I’m beginning to think perhaps I won’t ever get it back! You might have to blow your nose repeatedly while you eat in order to better taste all your food. I just read on a site that this can also be a cause and may and I don't want my family to have Covid if ever I have. Place a warm, damp cloth on your face to loosen any mucus. I have had sinusitis off and on all year. This happened a few days ago, so I can't haven't done that much about it yet. Half a cup of tea water Did your taste and smell came back already? They are general questions & people are just trying to seek answers. Hi! I have a metallic minty taste… Has your taste/Smell returned ? During the 2 and a half weeks I used the Drixoral No drip cooling menthol nasal spray to help unclog my nose as it was really stuffed and affecting my breathing. Hi everyone, If you haven't got one of those try using a straw and sniffing up warm water. It's driving me crazy! Have you got the taste and smell back? I can only smell certain things. I'm going on week 6 it's depressing. What shoukd I do to bring it back?? No other symptoms no cough no congestion no sore throat. Taste may return if you get moisture back into your mouth and avoid medications that cause these types of problems. It was a sinus infection. Good luck & be healthy, Maureen did you ever get any answers as to why you can’t taste/smell ? Let's hope!! It's only been a day, so I haven't seen an improvement yet, but give it a Google, maybe it can help. All of a sudden one day I had no taste or smell…I had my ENT Dr do tests and all came black normal. It’s been 2 weeks since I lost my smell and my sense of taste. I'm glad I saw this because now I think that spray may be the reason, even though it's not mentioned anywhere. If you think you could have sinus problems, you could talk to your PCP. I had a sinus infection about 4 years ago. I broke out w/shingles 3 mo. Our blog is for educational purposes only, and we don't know enough about your current conditions, medications or medical history to responsibly give you medical advice. I feel very strong no Cold and I don't feel sick. I can taste salads quite well still, however, I cannot taste dry things like powders very well. Check after half hour eat anything and smell anything. Stay hydrated. Does anyone know of a support group for this sort of thing? i have the same symptoms, Did you ever get results back was it sinus infection or Covid Im going they the same thing. Like you Judy N, I am able to tell if something is sour, sweet or spicy….but other than that, nothing. I am experiencing the same thing right now. It is a sign of covid-19? I’ll let you know! So my mother got super concerned that it was one of the symptoms to Covid -19 and she ran across a video that the guys and his whole family had tested positive and they had used a tea that had worked for them so of course my mom gave it a tried with me and long an behold after only 2 attempts of this tea my smell is coming back I’ve done it once a day and my smell and taste was gone for 4 days. I'm worried that I may have covid, but i dont have the other symptoms. I too have chest pains and breathing problems please help me out, And please I don't understand the ingredients you used please try and explain more better I really need this please, Have you gotten back your sense of taste because I lost mine 3days now please I need help. Alzheimer’s disease and some neurological conditions are associated with decreased taste. Capsaicin, the compound found in chiles that gives them their heat, can help ease sinus pain, reduce inflammation and release blocked mucus. This exact same thing happened to me recently as well. Cheers. Determining the Type of Infection Recognize the basic symptoms. Same here – had a mild sinus cold over the weekend. I had Covid19 and was sick for a couple of weeks with several symptoms. It gets into ur upper palate and comes in mouth. To fight the virus, add antibacterial foods like garlic, ginger, … I’m fat so I love food and eating but right now I can’t even enjoy it because I can’t taste it. Greatly appreciate any suggestions. Specially if you can add some raw clove and a bit of onion would be great too. No fever or sore throat just congested. So check your diet and get tested to see if your allergic to foods. Notify me via email when there is a reply to my comment. It will be back by itself but if you wanna fix it faster try to cook the 1pc of Lime,1 small pc of ginger in 12oz of the water until they boiled then But I can no longer taste or smell anything .I had 2 days of a sore throat and coughing, so i figured either a cold or my allergies were back after 3 years of being fine. I should hopefully find out results tomorrow. I know someone who lost it for a year until it suddenly returned again. Positive for Covid19. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I also can't taste anything from frozen berries either. I hope this helps someone out there, remember to always take warm content. Loss of smell and taste can be triggered by sinus, respiratory conditions, aging, head trauma, dental issues like oral infection, placement of dental appliances (like dentures), and Bell’s palsy ().. When did Lifehacker start advertising voodoo and woo. Fluid trapped in the sinuses can fill the sinus cavities, causing intense pain … My sense of taste finally returned around a week after my first message. Very important, get a humidifier when you sleep, you need a lot of humidity in your nose. I tested this with salt. How can I get my taste back… Plzzz help me plzzz. I had Covid back in March. Is there no I bought a peppermint chewing gum and chew it from time to time then in between I gargle mouthwash after a few minutes I was amazed that my sense of smell is back though not completely but at least I can smell now rather than nothing. But finer nuances of taste—like the flavor of a fine wine or subtle soufflé—might be lost on you until your sinuses become unplugged. Bread and meat taste like putty. And the taste is horrendous. Keeping the sinuses clear can also contribute to sinus issues prevention including potential diseases of the sinus cavity. If that doesnt solve the issue I might need to try antibiotics…. Worried about infecting my loved ones. Do you have GERD (acid reflux) Im having the same thing. It's been months now. Me too Amed…no taste or smell since end of Jan when I had some virus. Make sure not for too long so that you don't burn yourself. Try the Juice lady's (Cherie Calbom) books and recipes. He used a lengthy tool and 'reamed' out the area. Please help me with a solution it been 3 days now I cannot smell or taste anything, How you take the medicine how it works sandee, I had a runny nose and dry throat and tested positive for covid. My liver was telling my body it was low on iron. I've been using rhinocart for the past month due to sinusisitis and have recently noticed that I can't taste anything! I am breathing and my sinuses do not feel blocked, but I have absolutely no sense of smell or taste. NOTHING. The CDC has a helpful COVID-19 self-checker on the following webpage: Thanks for any help. Salt tastes like nutritional yeast. Monday July 6th I called my employee covid hotline and the physician told me it was safe for me to go to work and to call back in two days to report my symptoms. “Many times we have to objectively test them in the office,” Dr. Boyle said. Just passing it on. Oh my days same, i literally can't taste or smell anything at all and just got over a cold a day or two ago, I had body aches the first day which was 2 days ago it went away and the congestion came and went and left me with swollen glands that went away and now i just can’t taste or smell and my left ear feels weird I just wanna know if I’m getting better it’s only been 3 days maybe I’m rushing it but I just wanna taste and smell again ‼️. •Jennell I just used boiling water but to the water to boil with I add the aspirin and the lime and let them boil together for about 5 minutes or you can microwave it. You have to retrain the nerve cells to smell again. RELATED: 10 Products to Help You Find Sinus Relief 11 of 12 I believe it was flonase(though don’t quote me), I used it for only a week years ago and had lost my sense of smell and taste for almost 2 months. You … Spit out whatever cough comes. It’s starting to really bother me. If you are a Marshfield Clinic patient, you can contact our Nurse Line for help at: 1-844-342-6276, Me too started with stuffy head cold 2 wks ago, constant runny nose and no smell or taste, I lost my taste and smell 5 days ago my ears are a little clogged I’m freaking out. I’m perfectly healthy, was just worried why these senses are not working. Im always testing every minute but sometimes i can smell if its near my nose but sometimes its nit working even if im smelling a badthing. This will clear out your olfactory receptors temporarily, so you can try to taste the food you are about to put into your mouth. Food is so disappointing for me now, and I used to love to cook. thank you so much. After slinging back the shot of gin , it was a miracle ! 3. Required fields are marked *. After a few weeks of recovery I noticed my sense of taste and smell coming back very slowly but to this day it’s not 100%. Are you looking for a specialist? In regards to your question, unfortunately, we are unable to offer individualized medical advice on this platform. I literally am going through the SAME thing right now and I’m freaking out thinking it’s covid lol I feel your pain!! Any suggestions? Wishing everyone well! Hold it for about 20 seconds and your sinuses will begin to drain. Our rheumatology care team provides care for lupus: I drink hot tea everyday, I have really just been eating healthy foods because I can’t taste and I am only 31 so yes if anyone can email me with some suggestions, very appreciative! i cant taste and smell anything. I'll share your question with our otolaryngology team to see if they have any insight for you. I’m honestly concerned about my health, I’m only 14 and not sure of what to do or who to talk too. I know it's hard but hang in hopefully it will come came, I had lost my taste and smell after 4 days of cough and cold… kept on taking homeopathic medicine till 8 days and on 9th day I saw a video of a Dr. Whose name I don’t know so just crossed my fingers and tried it. Sinus headaches. In my case I can't smell anything, I can't get the real taste of food and drinks. How can I get back my taste and smell. Opioids for cancer pain: Are there risks. Unfortunately, this resulted in me losing my sense of taste and smell! And how long will it last. I assume you can smell fragrances around you. I'm hoping for the best& i want to taste good again. I get a weird smell in my nose when I brush my teeth, get into my car after it's been sitting all day and when I lay down to go to bed at night. There is an active ingredient in garlic called allyl thiosulfonate that is believed to offer … Do you have it? I am a cancer patient. Had covid in March….no sense of taste or smell for over 3 months. Did you get back your taste? I have the exact same symptoms, Please let me know if it works I feel like I'm going crazy I'm so angry and frustrated I've been without my sense of smell and taste for 3 days and I feel like I'm about to lose my mind, Can you please tell me if your taste and smell ever came back. I laughed at first but when he said he was serious I figured it couldn’t hurt . However, everyone is telling me it's an allergy. Savor every morsel for taste can be lost during short-term illness or permanently lost because of more serious health conditions. did you get your results?! He lost his taste buds a few months ago and no one knows why. Try it! For young people, taste can disappear because of a health condition like a common cold or medication side effect, and it can happen immediately. thank you! I have been using Biotene lately but don't know if this is the cause of no taste. If anyone here gets an email from “Richy Living Large” Do not waste your time! We strongly recommend talking to your health care provider if you are experiencing loss of taste or smell. My mouth is currently sour right now & after I eat there’s no after taste like it doesn’t taste like I just ate something. I have been doing the sinus pressure points, steaming, saline nose spray and nothing helps. You can ease most minor symptoms of chronic ... 2. Also try inhale the vapor with your head covered with heavy blanket. Kevin M. I’ve Lost my sense of smell therefore taste for 5 days now! My smell and taste are still gone, one of my friends lost theirs and it was back with in 3 days, my other friend got hers back after a month but said she was eating takis like crazy, I ate them but didn’t help me.

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