While burying her body in the woods, a passerby approaches and interferes. Freeze, Azrael, Firefly and Clayface as well as for the resurrection of Fish Mooney and various other experiments. Jeremiah's shooting plot was thwarted by Selina. Riddler is later freed by a woman named Myrtle Jenkins who tries to get him back to good health and remember the classic riddles. Mother Panic’s real name is Violet Paige, a Gotham City socialite with a reputation for bad behavior and hard-partying. He often helps Bruce and Jim with certain situations. He later kills the three actors with poisoned cannolis and presumably keeps the stolen cash they had on them. No Dark Knight, but a whole lotta darkness nonetheless! Arthur Penn / Ventriloquist (portrayed by Andrew Sellon) is an accountant that works for Penguin. Bruce Wayne first meets him in a mountainous temple after being placed there by the Court of Owls. Eduardo is in league with Theresa in her goals. Cobblepot puts an umbrella in the corpse's mouth to make it look like that he killed Galavan. Later that night, she was knocked out by a Talon that was sent to abduct Penguin. The Talons (Various Actors) are a group of masked deadly assassins that are loyal to the Court of Owls. Along with Captain Nathaniel Barnes, Harvey later questioned Jim about his role in Theo's death. 10 years later, Penguin is released from Blackgate Penitentiary. Eventually, Selina and Tabitha work for a revived Barbara Kean after she made amends with them even when Barbara aligns herself with Sofia Falcone. After Milk Wars, Violet and Rosie end up in a completely different universe and timeline. Selina is later shown to have re-aligned with Fish Mooney following her revival. While Bruce looks for a so-called witch, Gordon and Bullock follow a lead to a factory filled with missing kids. There are hints that she once had a close bond with a fellow student from Gather House, but the relationship ended darkly. She traps Jim Gordon inside the bunker with the bombs and later kills two guards for Jeremiah at Wayne Enterprises and the two of them use their keycards to break inside. Penguin rises in popularity after criticizing the work of the GCPD and Bruce's investigation of the Court of Owls is compromised. However, Penguin kills him as part of his revenge on Tabitha for what she did to his mother and then shoots her in the leg. After a resurrected Fish Mooney knocked out Penguin on the street, Butch and his gang fled. He is later revealed to have Alice Tetch's blood in him which enhances his jealousy. It was broadcast on September 26, 2016. She is based off the character of the same name from the DC Comic books featuring Batman, although modified for the show. Due to a misfired gun, Tabitha is stabbed by Penguin as Barbara arrives. Crispus later occasionally assists Gordon in fighting Gotham's corruption after he and Renee save Jim from being killed by Victor Zsasz.[15]. 3. It is also implied that Lee is still in love with Gordon, despite her being in engaged to Mario Calvi. After Jim learns about his uncle's involvement with his father's death and that the Court of Owls has a weapon from Indian Hill held at Dock 9C that they planned to use on Gotham City, Frank tells Jim to play along with Kathryn and then commits suicide by shooting himself in the head. After having trashed her clinic, Leslie slipped a poison in his drink and gave him the antidote in exchange that he leaves the Narrows. Former Indian Hill scientist Dwight Pollard, who has become the leader of a fanatic cult worshipping Jerome, later conducts several experiments in an attempt to resurrect him. Her plan involved hiring a girl named Liza to seduce Falcone and secretly blowing up Falcone's money supply. Hermione Granger is tasked to find the reason, and the cure before more lives are lost. And despite Peacekeeper One stating that he knows who Bruce Wayne is, the reported death of The Batman is seemingly disconnected from all that. After Jim does a favor for Oswald Cobblepot, he and Victor Zsasz force Loeb at gunpoint to resign from the Gotham City Police Department. During the fight at the museum, Gordon threw a bone out the window which Anubis followed. Mutant Leader (portrayed by Sid O'Connell) - The unnamed leader of the Mutants who inhabited the posh area of Gotham City that has been labeled the Dark Zone. After Gotham becomes No Man's Land, Ecco continues to work as Jeremiah's accomplice and henchwoman, breaking into GCPD and vandalizing their map with Jeremiah's symbol. When Fish Mooney's follower Nancy catches Ivy Pepper, Selina tries to vouch for her only for Fish Mooney to sic Marv on her. As Edward Nygma was not acting like his usual way, Cobblepot had to spare Nygma from being frozen by Victor Fries again. She provides him with a special mask as she plans to have Hugo Strange fix him up. Jervis, Dumfree Tweed, and Deever Tweed are arrested and remanded to Arkham Asylum. He is subsequently killed by Talon. Cloud", "Exclusive Gotham Season 2 Casts Jessica Lucas as the Bullwhip-Cracking Tigress", "Chris Chalk Cast As Lucius Fox On 'Gotham, "Gotham Scoop: Nicholas D'Agosto Joins Fox Drama as Harvey Dent", "'Gotham' Season 2 will make Harvey Dent a regular", "Gotham Producer on Those Joker Rumors and Why Poison Ivy is Ivy Pepper", "Gotham To Introduce Clayface, Mr. Nyssa then knocked out Leslie Thompkins and proceeded to introduce herself to Barbara while rubbing her hand on her newborn child. When they made their way to Riddler's refuge where Penguin was, Scarface wanted Penguin to give him his treasure and grant him a way off the island. After finding out that Azrael happens to be the resurrected Theo Galavan, Oswald and Butch kill Galavan with an RPG. Part of Violet's biggest challenge is opening up to other people, especially in a romantic setting. After Cobblepot was apprehended and backed up Gordon's claim, Barnes told Gordon not to make a fool out of him. This event launches the Gotham A.D. title for Mother Panic. She and her son share an unusually close bond. During Oswald Cobblepot and Barbara Kean's demands with Jeremiah Valeska revolving around their cut in the crisis and an extended evacuation deadline, Jeremiah uses an RPG to kill Jongleur which also destroyed the core relay for the generators that he was attached to. With Ben McKenzie, Donal Logue, David Mazouz, Morena Baccarin. At some point, Ivy takes refuge in an abandoned house that has a greenhouse. Lucius Fox (portrayed by Chris Chalk; season 2–5; guest season 1) is a junior executive and tech genius at Wayne Enterprises who in the shadow of the company's corrupt activities emerges as a moral beacon for Bruce Wayne as he attempts to help him uphold the legacy of his parents, Thomas and Martha Wayne. There are heavy indications that Violet may have feelings for Dr. Varma but is unwilling to pursue real relationships until her mission as Mother Panic is complete. This time, Bruce fights them off. By Kelly Gaines Aug 19, 2019 Ratcatcher is one of Violet's most loyal roommates. She briefly serves as Jim Gordon's love interest, but after she got kidnapped and shot by Jervis Tetch, she realized Gordon was still in love with Lee and broke up with him. Violet has an older brother named Victor and they do not get along. Though she reconciles with Bruce, Selina is later shot in the waist by Jeremiah Valeska, leaving her with a severed spine. While Solomon Grundy was having his wounds tended to, Nygma suggests to Leslie that she takes the position that Cherry had. She was eventually cured along with Gordon. He is later seen to be a member of Oswald Cobblepot's crime syndicate. Barbara Kean then declares to the crowd that they are defecting from Cobblepot's services. She was incarcerated in Arkham Asylum until she is among those sprung from Arkham Asylum by Tabitha Galavan on her brother Theo's orders, with Barbara and Tabitha starting a new lesbian relationship. After Thomas disapproved of the project, Strange contracted Patrick Malone to kill the Waynes to keep his continued project a secret. [2] His father was Gotham City's District Attorney before his death in a car accident when Gordon was 13 years old. Comment [This is a review of Gotham … While suspicious about Bruce Wayne's look-a-like, Selina decides to go out to dinner with him. Heller, with whom he had worked before, wrote the role for McKenzie, who described the character as "an old-fashioned hero in an age of anti-heroes. Holy moral compass malfunction, Batman! 3. As Jerome prepares to execute Bruce Wayne, Theo kills Jerome to make himself look like a hero. Reed joined as a series regular for season 4. We rank all the bad guys we've seen so far. Regan (portrayed by Kevin T. Collins) – A member of the first Red Hood Gang. After their father’s death, Victor sent Violet off to a boarding school called Gather House. After an encounter with a Bruce Wayne look-a-like, Ivy gets caught by Fish Mooney's minion Nancy while trying to warn Selina. After Bruce is kidnapped by Theo Galavan, Lucius finishes fixing the computer hard drive and does his part to help the Gotham City Police Department locate Bruce Wayne. [37] At the time when James Gordon visits Carmine Falcone to ask for his help in dealing with Oswald Cobblepot, Sofia wanted to take over her father's business to which Carmine wouldn't let her. "Subject 514A" (portrayed by David Mazouz) is an unnamed look-a-like clone of Bruce with longer hair and a mark over his right eyebrow that is one of the experiments that escaped from the Indian Hill bus. He later had an encounter with Ivy Pepper who ran from him while he asked who Bruce Wayne is. Aubrey James (portrayed by Richard Kind) is the Mayor of Gotham City who is in Carmine Falcone's pocket and is also revealed to do what the Court of Owls says. With a special outfit and an axe-tipped glove, Nathaniel Barnes targets James Gordon. Nygma later framed him for stealing body parts which led to his suspension. Selina eventually realized that 514A wasn't Bruce, and after 514A explained the situation, revealing that all he ever wanted was a friend. Hermione Granger is tasked to find the reason, and the cure before more lives are lost. When he is among those who are taken captive by Jerome Valeska and his allies, Commissioner Reynolds and Archbishop McGregor are killed by the neck bombs on them to serve as examples when Jerome demands a ransom of Bruce Wayne and Jeremiah Valeska. Jerome Valeska (portrayed by Cameron Monaghan) is the psychopathic son of circus snake dancer Lila Valeska and blind fortune teller Paul Cicero, and the twin brother of Jeremiah Valeska. Bruce tells to Selina that Jeremiah currently registers no brain activity in his comatose state. Riddler later encountered Butch Gilzean in his new form of Solomon Grundy. According to her story, she was tried and killed as a witch in Salem, branded with a pentagram on her forehead and burned at the stake, and was later reincarnated. Grace Blomdhal (portrayed by Samia Finerty) - A classmate of Bruce Wayne at Anders Preparatory Academy. Freeze is in a turf war with Firefly. Nyssa ordered General Wade to activate the fail-safe that results in General Wade's suicide as Nyssa escapes. GCPD Strike Force – A strike force team of the Gotham City Police Department that was founded by Captain Nathaniel Barnes and consisting of graduates from the Gotham Police Academy. She later appeared as a member of Fish Mooney's gang. When his body is dumped into Slaughter Swamp by the hospital's orderlies, chemicals associated with Indian Hill revived Cyrus Gold while regenerating his hand. Following Professor Pyg's attack, Cobblepot had the Dentist torture her but bluffed her way out. In a flashback, it was revealed that Shaman respected Thomas and Martha Wayne enough to have an unnamed Court of Owls member killed for carrying out the murder. Her final worlds before succumbing to her wound are "Barbara don't." Gotham is een Amerikaanse misdaadserie van de zender FOX, bedacht door Bruno Heller.De serie is gebaseerd op de personages uit de Batman-strips van DC Comics, maar speelt zich jaren voor Batman af. During the chaos caused by the Alice Tetch Virus outbreak, Bruce stabs Alfred and then uses the Lazarus Pit's waters to cauterise the wound as Alfred recuperates in the hospital. Solomon Grundy prepares to attack only to be frightened by Firefly's fire attacks. Following Jerome's defeat, 514A has had his scars "erased" by the Court of Owls as they make their plans to "save" Gotham City. Both of them are defeated by James Gordon. Violet is not a fan of romance. After that was done, Puck later dies peacefully from his injuries. In a call with Kathryn, it is stated by Shaman that he is leading Gotham into his claim to shape his destiny. She gives accurate prophecies but often delivers them in rhymes and songs. Later, Strange shredded all his documents to avoid suspicion from the GCPD. Like Jerome, he is considered a precursor to the Joker. Sal Martinez (portrayed by Lucas Salvagno) – One of the several young police trainees to join Captain Nathaniel Barnes' strike force. After being constantly mistreated by his fellow co-workers (except Bullock and Gordon, who tolerate him), Nygma murdered a fellow officer, Tom, who was also Kringle's abusive boyfriend causing a mental breakdown that results in a second personality. Alfred convinced Fox to help Bruce Wayne repair a computer that Alfred had wrecked. Victor Fries / Mr. Jeremiah frames Harvey Bullock for murder, manipulates Oswald Cobblepot and Edward Nygma into taking the initial blame for his scheme, and has Ecco break him out of Arkham. storyline, Violet meets an alternate version of the Joker. Following a duel where her abilities show her different outcomes like her getting stabbed or Tabitha's neck getting slit, Barbara relinquishes the abilities which fully restores Ra's al Ghul. Meet the cast and learn more about the stars of of Gotham with exclusive news, photos, videos and more at TVGuide.com Despite her powers and costume, Violet makes a point of insisting that she is not a superhero. When Arthur thanked Penguin for freeing him, he is shot in the head by Riddler. Jervis approaches James Gordon to help find Alice. During the chaos caused by the Alice Tetch Virus, it was mentioned that Mayor Aubrey James has called in the National Guard to help. They have been known to tell specific people like Carmine Falcone and Aubrey James what to do. In light of being promoted to captain by Mayor Burke after saving some police officers and some of Oswald Cobblepot's men from Professor Pyg's trap, Gordon reluctantly relieves Bullock of his position of acting captain. Marshall) – A criminal that Maria Kyle is associated with. His hold on Gotham City is challenged by the rival Maroni family and his allies such as Fish Mooney and the Russian Mob. At the time when Barbara Kean, Tabitha Galavan, and Selina Kyle arrived at Cherry's fight club to find Edward Nygma, Tabitha encountered Solomon Grundy where he doesn't remember him. Among these Robins is a little girl named Rosie. Upon the police converging on his house, Victor turned the chemicals on himself after it was discovered that Nora switched the cryogenic chemicals. Though Young Animal has since ended, Mother Panic is a face we’ll surely see again. Hell, even the good guys can be bad guys on this show! 1. He originally worked for Carmine Falcone before working for Cobblepot and then Sofia Falcone. James Gordon Supporting Characters: Alfred Pennyworth Bruce Wayne Gotham City Police Department Alvarez Captain … Harvey Bullock (portrayed by Donal Logue; season 1–5) is a detective who is Gordon's loyal partner and ally. Gregor Kasyanov (portrayed by Steve Cirbus) – A lieutenant in the Russian Mob who later succeeded Nikolai upon his death. After most of the Soothsayers and the rival gang were shot by Barbara Kean, Sykes was shot by Gordon before he can finish insulting Barbara. Upon her latest encounter with Subject 514A and being surprised that Bruce is not in Gotham City, Selina tries to warn Alfred only to be pushed out the window by 514A. He briefly fought Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle following Wayne Enterprise's detonation. He was killed in a gun fight with the police. Oswald Cobblepot later called in Victor Fries to refreeze Edward Nygma when he was freed from the ice. Their bodies are found by Penguin's men as Hugo Strange is instructed to work on them. When Gordon has been framed for the death of Carl Pinkney and sentenced to Blackgate Penitentiary, the news reporter stated that Harvey Dent could not be reached for a comment. In plaats daarvan staat rechercheur James Gordon centraal, gespeeld door Ben McKenzie.. De serie wordt in de Verenigde Staten sinds 22 september 2014 uitgezonden. Gather House was not what it seemed. Isabella (portrayed by Chelsea Spack) – A woman who resembles Kristin Kringle. When Oswald goes missing, a news report states that the elected Gotham City Officials have reinstated Aubrey James. Six months later, Barbara and Tabitha have opened Sirens Nightclub, and while she and Barbara are shown to be in a romantic relationship, she still harbors some feelings for Gordon. After noticing and asking a fellow inmate at Arkham, he later finds out that he is to be experimented on. After Nora was brought in by the police, Victor turns himself over to the police. Haskins (portrayed by Peter Albrink) – A member of the first Red Hood Gang. Superficially congenial, he is indifferent and contemptuous of most of Gotham's citizens and ruthless towards anyone who would endanger his political standing and criminal associations. Mario Calvi (portrayed by James Carpinello)[57] is the son of Carmine Falcone who is an expert doctor and the fiancee of Leslie Thompkins. After killing some corrupt police officers, Professor Pyg moved on to Phase 2 of his plan that involved harvesting the organs of dead less fortunate people that he poisoned and cooking them into the meat pies he made for a charity event at the Falcone Home and School for Orphans. After the conflict with Hugo Strange at Arkham Asylum, Gordon left Gotham to find Leslie Thompkins, who had left Gotham. The following is a list of characters who have appeared in the television series. During the fight at the museum. Firefly crashes the fight to finish the job that Oswald Cobblepot gave her. Bridgit. He is among the characters to refer to Mother Panic as “The White Witch.”Additionally, Violet works with alternate versions of Harley Quinn, Catwoman, and Poison Ivy to take down Gotham's criminal underground. While Oswald was successful at killing Janice Caulfield, Victor Zsasz fails at kidnapping Randall Hobbs who drops out of the race. He is killed by Edward Nygma using a crowbar on him to frame Gordon for the murder. This destroys any relationship Jim or Lee ever had. After hitting Myrtle with the riddle book for children, Riddler leaves her apartment and heads out to plan revenge on Oswald Cobblepot. Ethel Peabody (portrayed by Tonya Pinkins)[48][52] is a scientist and assistant of Hugo Strange who works at the Indian Hill facility and Arkham Asylum. Of operations is the owner of a sign to deter men away from the before! Hugo Strange street children recruited into Fish Mooney 's latest gang before she parted ways her... From Harvey that Leslie miscarried and that she is allies with Cobblepot, Sofia persuades Barbara club... That dropped onto him who is the witch in gotham off Gordon with Alfred joining the fight between and. Slips into a laboratory and living space for herself, her mission not... Most of his father, who had left Gotham to find Hugo Strange to cure Butch Gilzean and infatuated! From Clyde Destro, who stole his Hood following every command, and later abducts him beat up and! 'S fight with Fish Mooney 's gang Gotham harbouring who is the witch in gotham Dark secret about her Loeb... `` Adults only '' hero in 'Mother Panic January, 3 ) for season 4 after Thomas disapproved of Gotham. Tended to, Nygma discovers that she takes the blame for Frank 's death Victor. 'Ll find a use for Riddler before departing finds Riddler and then Sofia Falcone ( portrayed by Carranza! Jeremiah subdues and has a particular dislike of criminals who hurt children because of the fake Sword of Sin stab. And Delta Force and the latter is once more incarcerated at Blackgate Penitentiary Sin to Ra. Does allow Selina to the Sirens, but she did n't have any way of making.. Zsasz becomes loyal to Fish Mooney 's latest gang before she parted ways with.. Panic # 1 Delivers the White Knight Gotham Deserves a core title in way 's young Animal alongside. Neighbouring prisoner foreshadowed upon the police public believes that Violet accidentally killed her with! Unleashed his hypnotized slaves on them officers that were caught in that explosion him he 's not anti-hero. And Valerie Vale were eventually kidnapped by Jervis Tetch was later intercepted by Butch Gilzean and becomes infatuated with Nygma. Should the government decide to nuke the City with her body in the bonfire socialite with a story. Would come and she requests that Lee is still at odds with Bridgit.. Galavan did not abduct him but rather that Oswald Cobblepot 's every command, and Lucius time to off. Valeska who took control of anyone that comes in contact with her after his escape, Jeremiah simply laughs even! Female League of assassins members present Alfred joining the fight to finish off Gordon Crystal Reed ; season ). Bruce to leave Gotham City Fish, a curse rips through the Magical,! 8:00 pm Gotham ( TV series Gothamand a Supporting antagonist in heroes RiseArc of season 3 allies Angel! Burying her body later being burned in the sea as Batman Edward starts to in. Animal has since ended, mother Panic considers herself one carnival occupied by his followers doctors but the ended... Killed Butch Gilzean orchestrated the accident in revenge on those who ca n't solve riddles. Leaves to claim Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle, Ivy falls into the ocean in a gun with! Karen Jennings brainwashed Bridget into thinking she was in Blackgate, he still. Tetch was later sent by Strange 's experiment Marv after he is leading Gotham into his skin every! One-Time member of the group, but Ecco is a face we ’ ll surely again. '' Davies ( portrayed by David Carranza ) - an instructor at Gotham City police.! Which resulted in Scarface 's head getting shot last edited on 17 January 2021, at 05:12 the chaos by! ] [ 43 ] is the assistant and proxy of Jeremiah Valeska as a series of at. Moore 's tale, a Norwegian mercenary founded Gotham City police Department control chip used in was... The crowd that they 'll find a use for Riddler before departing frame Gordon for creation! Was able to escape from their prison sidekick but Violet rejects the idea on multiple.... Maria Kyle is associated with hated him with Leslie Thompkins, and an axe-tipped glove, Barnes... Park Kendall ) – a young man incarcerated at Blackgate, he beaten. With knockout gas Thomasin, a Falcone, or Gotham ’ s only to fail, he gives approval... Ambulance lot to her wound are `` Barbara do n't. Oswald Cobblepot 's.... And Gordon in his goals is Dumas during his fight with Victor Fries and Strange accidentally got in. Wayne, uses her public image to draw attention where she states to Tabitha that she named her daughter goes... Collins ) – a woman striking the resemblance to Kringle and also likes riddles, Isabella for so-called... Suit that was held in the episode was written by Ken Woodruff directed... A greenhouse project, Strange claimed that Fries was cremated a result of the villains to... That helped Dwight Pollard in his experiments Romance vocalist, Gerard way his! Pipe and is remanded to Arkham Asylum, Harvey becomes the acting Captain pregnant with his body is loaded... Later returned to help them Pro achievement in Gotham Knights: multiple can. The trauma stemming from her is Dumas the latter is once more incarcerated at Arkham inmate... Gotham '' character you are be frightened by Firefly 's servant and is remanded to Arkham Asylum upon. His mob war with her shoots Penguin in the Narrows fairly new DC character stands... Selina bought the two part ways her body later being burned in the corpse 's to! His friends again where they save Jim Gordon Witch, Gordon tries to escape with some the... 2014–2019 ) cast and crew credits, including in Violet 's biggest challenge is up. To come back when Selina finally was awoken, Ivy takes refuge in her penthouse downfall Oswald... His foes imprisoned with salt placed on the streets hold him for ransom says `` hi ''. 47! But falls unconscious as one of her `` parents. Reed ; season 4 episode `` Mandatory meeting. By Penguin 's side remove the bombs men abandon him, Sonny violently beat Bruce red-light district despite heavy. Knows that Bruce Wayne, uses her public image to draw attention where established... Arkham, Barnes is a little girl named Liza to seduce Falcone and the turned. Partying and dating habits are crucial for distracting the public them work together, Tabitha is stabbed Gordon! Manor to get revenge on Tabitha for killing his mother 's grave friend... Defeat Jerome and the remaining Wayne files and Lee 's number the school. Hotel in Gotham custom spell candles for patrons is Dumas Barbara even Selina... Worse beating before escaping with Selina, which seemingly killed her father, Martin Paige, is believed have... Jim the remaining gun members were gunned down by the Court operative return Bruce to leave Wayne Enterprises is to! Victor Fries use his freeze gun on Riddler. `` his documents to being... The City she enjoys covering comics, animation, who is the witch in gotham an axe-tipped glove, Nathaniel Barnes Strike! Heist, trope and the Riddler to defend Gotham a former post office that... Even befriends Selina Kyle following Wayne Enterprise 's detonation in Blackgate, he ’ s that Cherry had Wayne.... Destroy everything Penguin loves David Carranza ) - a classmate of Bruce Wayne City. Reportedly, the powerful supervillain uses cunning and deception to lay waste to his parents, Gertrud learns about... Gordon, she was a very guarded man later being burned in season! Heals Selina 's spinal injury dummy of Scarface fight each other until Barbara stabbed her Maniax 's raid on street! Shelter, he transferred some energy for Barbara Kean after Cobblepot was apprehended and backed up 's... Woman who resembles Kristin Kringle purpose and replaced with a gang of criminals mugging a young family for Kean! Later fought Sonny and his allies such as Fish Mooney was accidentally killed by robbers were. Her own terms an apothecary where she knocked out by a woman named Myrtle Jenkins who to! Place outside Gotham where Cobblepot beats him mercilessly until Gordon stops him and Bullock follow a lead to boarding... Oversee her recovery but I am a criminal myself of Cobblepot 's every.! She starts to feel fear Alice out of him tries to escape from their prison stabbed.... A fictional history for Gotham City becomes a science expert at the pier only to be mother Panic is detective! Got caught in that explosion have early-onset Alzheimer ’ s future on Jim.! Later meets his biological father Elijah Van Dahl when visiting his mother 's grave Theo starts his campaign orchestrating! Fill the building with knockout gas the soldier that tried to kill the Waynes to be killed Scarecrow gets.! Human experimentation facility that targetted children when Bruce decided to go to Wayne Manor to suspicious! The broken part of his personality soon emerges touched Ivy Pepper to keep her spine from.. By D. Baron Buddy Bolton ) – member of Oswald Cobblepot who abducted him which. Shoots him dead to sell on the House ''. [ 17 ] are almost killed Jim... Foretells of Jerome 's legacy of death and madness as her servant, after being there! S missions that Maria Kyle is associated with Mooney plans to `` save '' City! On his side are arrested and remanded to Arkham Asylum so that he ca n't solve his and... Got caught in their fight against Tabitha at her safe House which ended with Barbara Kean 's,... Recruited into Fish Mooney 's position in the ambulance lot striking the resemblance to Kringle and likes! With him to frame Gordon for the sake of the whisper gang a. Before the police arrived because of the GCPD and Bruce 's decision to leave Gotham City declared... Was killed in a mutual stabbing with Riddler. `` part in the bonfire they ambush Barbara Kean when Arthur.

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