Lilly only accepts Mark in the group because he had food to offer. But once Brenda St. John confirms that this is true, Lilly looks at her in disbelief. After Larry suffers from cardiac arrest, due to his heart condition, Lilly takes care of him, leaving Kenny in charge of the group. Lilly asks him to go to the nursing home a few blocks away and get oxygen tanks for her dad. The next morning, Lilly comes in and tries to give his gun back, but "Brian" tells her to keep it because he saw she needed one. He's the one who reveals to her that everyone is infected and it takes brain damage to kill the walkers. Jason survived with numerous groups before each had met its ultimate demise. "Too Far Gone" Lilly says that her father is the only thing she has left in the world. For years she had been married to a man with whom she had a daughter named Meghan. Louis is then frightened and scared to see her. Actor Phillip's unnerved reaction to their conversation suggests this may have been one of the factors leading to his murder of Martinez later that day. When Lilly and the other raiders invaded the school grounds, Mitch ran out of cover to protect Tennessee from Lilly. Lilly seems to have a neutral relationship with Doug. When Lee returns from upstairs and informs the group that they are eating people, Lilly does not believe Lee at first. Lee decides whether or not to go with her, if he declines, he will be thrown out of the RV as she drives away. Lilly Caul is a fictional character from the comic book series, The Walking Dead.Created by writer Robert Kirkman and artist Charlie Adlard, Lilly is a member of the Governor's militia. Dr. Stevens (Zombified) 3. She also saw her father's welfare as being integral to her daughter's well-being, as evidenced by speculating that Meghan's lack of appetite was due to terror over the prospect of her grandfather dying and relating that only he could put a smile on Meghan's face when convincing Philip to retrieve oxygen tanks for her father from a nearby nursing home. Lilly. Lilly never trusts Ben or finds him particularly useful. Lilly's hostile nature is shown when she manipulated Minerva into killing her twin sister when they tried to escape, when she cuts out Louis's tongue due to him talking too much (Determinant) and orders another child’s finger cut off for the same punishment, and when she stabs James in the back after promising to leave Clementine and the kids alone in exchange for sparing her life. Mitch and Lilly never had any direct relationship, but Mitch despised Lilly for taking Minerva and Sophie away from the school. Elsa Davoine voices Lilly in the French version. Cause of Death On the other hand if he brings her along when he helped Kenny kill Larry earlier, Lilly will throw Lee out of the RV before he can say anything. Lee and Lilly's relationship is seriously affected during the meat locker incident at the St. John's dairy. Last Appearance The confrontation escalated as Mitch detonated his fertilizer bomb in the Delta's carriage, knocking Lilly and her companions down. Ben is Lilly's prime suspect if Lee saved Doug in "A New Day". Lilly and Lee's relationship becomes stronger, however, Lee's relationship with Kenny takes quite a downfall, as Kenny felt betrayed with a tough and unpopular decision and chews out Lee for not having his back. She later returns in Season Four. She is an actress, known for The Walking Dead: The Game - Season 1 (2012), Tales of Monkey Island: Chapter 5 - Rise of the Pirate God (2009) and Psychonauts (2005). If Lee left Lilly on the road, Katjaa will say that she would've done the same thing. Phillip shoots Meghan in the head, in order to prevent her reanimation. Status A few minutes later, Lilly saw Clementine tackle Abel from the school balcony, breaking her companion's legs on the fall. During this, Clem asks why Lilly shot Doug or Carley, to which Lee responds that she did it out of sadness and anger. Kenny insists on his plan, and she becomes enraged once again, mentioning stolen supplies. She will then steal the RV, hoping to escape any harm that the group may bring to her. Given the opportunity, Clementine kicks the knife twice, severely injuring Lilly, causing blood to pour from her thigh. Lilly is a supporting character in Season One and the main antagonist of Season Four, in particular the episodes " Suffer The Children " and " Broken Toys ". Philip, seemingly shocked at the sight of the dead Meghan, drops Michonne's sword and walks to them numbly before taking her away from Lilly and disdainfully shooting her (before the shocked and appalled Lilly) in the head to prevent reanimation. Lilly says that when she was little Larry would have very strict rules around the house and became angry about anything being wasted. Alanna Masterson Actress | The Walking Dead Alanna Masterson (born June 27, 1988) is an American actress who is known for her role as Tara Chambler in the AMC television series The Walking Dead. If Clementine tells AJ to stand down, Lilly will kill James by stabbing him in the back. For most of the episode after that, she is shown standing at the gazebo with her father, Larry. Death Episode In hindsight Lee should have killed her in season 1 and since Lee was unable to do that it is now Clem and AJ's responsibility to ensure that Lilly cannot pollute anymore societies with her garbage. At some point, Meghan stopped talking, possibly from the horrors she might have witnessed. In the truck at night, she starts a sexual relationship with Philip for solace. Lilly (Walking Dead: A New Day) Violet (Walking Dead: Done Running) Sophie (Walking Dead: Done Running) Abel (Walking Dead) Summary. Later, during the final assault and subsequent destruction of the prison, Lilly arrives in a car, witnesses the beheading of Hershel Greene (by the Governor with Michonne's katana), and distracts him from Hershel's corpse by presenting Meghan's, which she carries in her arms. In general, Lilly is rather bossy and possessive, having the need to control the group in a way that she sees fit. Érica Kou voices Lilly in the Portuguese version. Katjaa stayed neutral in her and Kenny's leadership disputes, and Katjaa showed no ill will towards Lilly until Lilly killed Carley/Doug on the road. Even though both came to inherit antagonistic qualities, they differ as Lilly would do anything to protect herself, including abandoning her friends when they needed her help, (Determinant) whereas Kenny would be willing to sacrifice himself to protect his loved ones. When Lee is about to be driven into the electric fence by Andy, Lilly shoots Andy with no hesitation. After Tara sprained her leg Lilly offered to look after her. Lilly and Larry both end up betraying Lee by some means. She then complains about the place not being safe for the group and that they should take their food to go. In "Broken Toys", Lilly shows a much more antagonistic side to Clementine, mostly because of being more confident being on the Delta boat. Lilly Chambler is based off of two separate characters from The Walking Dead universe. When asked for his opinion on Lilly, Doug will say that he both feels sorry for her and fears for her mental condition after Larry's death. "Brian" is seen later sitting at their kitchen table, teaching Meghan how to play chess. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Two weeks later, Lilly and some members from the Delta attacked the school, breaking through the barricaded gates. She continues caring for her father while Lee, Carley and Glenn are at the motel. Sandrine Mittelstädt voices Lilly in the German dub. Allowing Lilly to stay (Alive): If Lee allows her to stay with the group, she still reveals Lee's criminal past to the group due to shock. Clementine then revealed herself, aiming an arrow at Lilly. She is first seen while saving Lee, Clementine, Kenny, Katjaa, and Duck from a walker attack. Clementine (Caused) 2. Lilly's care for Duck's well-being was one of the main reasons why she was extremely paranoid over supplies being stolen. For one day, Larry allowed the electricity to be cut, preventing Lilly from using the lights or eating ice cream. After Lee is momentarily dazed and Kenny fails to assist, Lilly saves Lee by attacking Danny and pushing him into a bear trap. AJ proceeds to bite Lilly's hand, stunning her. Simultaneously, Meghan is playing with a puddle of mud, but is bitten on the shoulder by a walker buried in the mud. David Chambler - Father (Deceased)Tara Chambler - Sister (Deceased) Meghan Chambler - Daughter (Deceased)Philip Blake - Ex-Boyfriend (Deceased)(Unnamed) - Ex-Husband When she tries to discover who was giving their supplies to the bandits and aggressively interrogates Ben to the point where he is completely terrified, Lilly doesn't relent even when Carley/Doug and possibly Lee defend him. When Lilly and Clementine fight on the uppermost level of the Delta's boat, Alvin Jr. frees Clementine by stabbing Lilly in the knee with her knife – which Clementine twists in deeper – temporarily immobilizing her. Lilly helps "Brian" bury her dad. When the two tried to escape, they were caught, and Minnie killed Sophie to prove her loyalty. Lilly later states that she never trusted her, should she be saved in "A New Day". Lilly cowardly begs for her life only to use this as a ruse should Clementine chose to spare her unlike Kenny who in all of his determinant outcomes, no matter what, he trusts Clementine's judgement and allows her to do what she wants. A short story taken place during episode 4 of the final season where Lilly and Clem recollect about the past and talk about regrets and missed opportunities. Lilly worked as a nurse, having specialized in oncology. Around the same time, Lilly's father, David, was diagnosed with terminal cancer. She is the daughter of David, the older sister of Tara, and the mother of Meghan. Rated: Fiction T - English - Drama - Words: 1,422 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 4 - Follows: 2 - Published: 10/29/2019 - id: 13420513 + - Full 3/4 1/2 … Lilly is initially against Philip trying to take over the prison, but finally she seems to have accepted it reluctantly. Kenny can remark that Clementine is one of the few people Lilly seems to care about after the meat locker incident. After the Motel is overrun in "Long Road Ahead", Lilly will state that she "never trusted Carley." (Determinant) Furthermore, in "Suffer The Children", she threatened Clementine to convince all the children at the school join the Delta, or she would force them to join regardless. She is immediately cautious of the stranger (The Governor, calling himself "Brian Herriot"---a name he saw scrawled on the side of a barn during his travels before discovering the Chambler family) that knocks on their apartment door, and doesn't hesitate to collect his weapons after he relinquishes them to her. Lee must choose who to side with between aiding Kenny and kill Larry with a salt lick or aid Lilly and save her father. After Lee, Kenny, and Mark arrive with Ben and the wounded David/Travis, Lilly will then yell at Lee and Kenny for bringing them here. Throughout "Starved For Help", Kenny and Lilly constantly argue over who's leadership method should be followed. Lilly's concern for Clementine's well-being was also one of the reasons she is extremely paranoid over medicine being stolen. Lilly (Walking Dead: A New Day) Louis (Walking Dead: Done Running) Minerva (Walking Dead) Survival; Angst; Horror; Canon-Typical Violence; Post-Canon; Canon Lesbian Relationship; Gore; Zombies; Romance; Inspired by The Walking Dead (Telltale Video Game) Death; Summary. "Too Far Gone" (Off-Screen)"Inmates" (Confirmed Fate) Lilly and Abel chase the pair through the woods only to lose them when a walker herd blocks their path. T… She took part in the smuggling operation to take Tenn's sisters. AWholeGabe. Clementine tells AJ to shoot Lilly (Dead): AJ follows Clementine's orders and shoots Lilly in the cheek, killing her instantly. For the better part of the episodes, Lilly assumes the role of one of the group's co-leaders, probably out of the reason that nobody wants to take up the responsibility (aside from the group’s other co-leaders, Lee and Kenny). Larry is one of Lilly's greatest sources of support and of stress, since she constantly worries about his heart condition, and Larry seems incapable of remaining calm during some situations. Caesar Martínez (Zombified) 11. However, when rescued, her father, Larry, started yelling at Kenny and Lee for putting them in danger and claims that Duck is bitten and needs to be thrown out. This list shows the victims Lilly has killed: Lilly loved her father and protected him during the days of the apocalypse. Sometime after her departure, she joined up with another group called the Delta, a community of survivors in West Virginia. When the group investigate a defunct train, she breaks free and steals the RV when it's parked near the train. She reveals later that she didn't side with her father, who said that Duck should be thrown out. Originally, Lilly was supposed to be the character with the same name from the comics and novels. First Appearance Despite having to prioritize her father, between Kenny and herself, she is more interested in overall group's welfare, and thus prioritizes everyone equally whereas Kenny seems to prioritize his family beforehand rather than anyone else. Lilly pointed her rifle at Clementine but was unable to fire given their history. Lilly and Kenny first meet at the drug store where Lilly's father demands that Kenny's son, Duck, should be thrown out to the walkers for possibly having been bitten. Alvin Jr.When Lilly and Clementine fight on the uppermost level of the Delta's boat, Alvin Jr. frees Clementine by stabbing Lilly in the knee with her knife – which Clementine twists in deeper – temporarily immobilizing her. However, a breakdown resulting in the murder of a fellow group member causes her to lose the role altogether. Later on, Lee can approach her about what she thinks of Lilly and Carley replies that she "worries about her". Lilly and Abel seem to have a good relationship, as Abel respects her leadership. (Unnamed) - Mother (Deceased)Larry - Father (Deceased) After a slip-up on a scavenging venture, she finds herself … Lilly, however, quickly noticed him and stabbed him in the neck in self-defense. Amused by his threats and by the fact that he was the one who killed Marlon, Lilly takes AJ to speak to him, ordering Minerva to watch Clementine and Dorian to turn on the boiler to get far from here, fast. Lilly is one of the main characters in Telltale's The Walking Dead Season 1 and one of the primary antagonists of the Final Season.. Lilly is the daughter of her father, Larry, and acts as the initial leaders of the Motel Group. She is best known for her role as Kim Brown in the CBS action-drama series The Unit (–) and her recurring roles as Lyla Michaels in the Arrowverse, primarily Arrow (present), and Lilly in The Walking Dead (). For The Walking Dead: Episode 2 - Starved for Help on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Lilly or Kenny". Additionally, when Glenn discusses leaving for Atlanta with Lee, Lilly overhears their conversation and moves in to try to convince him not to. Lilly is later seen after Clementine has been locked up in the ship. Lilly feigns her defeat and resignation, and pleads for her life. If Doug was saved in "A New Day": Lilly will believe it is Ben but Doug defends him and tries to sort things out logically, but Lilly continues to suspect Ben as he could have possibly been planted in by the bandits as he joined recently. This decision, however, both enrages and upsets Lilly since she claims her father was still alive and causes her relationship with Lee to deteriorate. Calling off the sniper in the trees, Lilly attempted to negotiate with Clementine, even resorting to baiting Tenn out by mentioning how his sister enjoyed living with the Delta. Eventually Lilly is encountered once again, around 7 years after the events of Season 1, and serves as the primary antagonist of the episodes "Suffer The Children" and "Broken Toys". She does so and says she was just trying to protect the group. He also explains to her that they need to shoot walkers in the head to kill them. When the group leaves the farm and Andy behind, Lilly seems to be sympathetic to Andy as she looks at him with a sorry look on her face, as both of them have lost their family. Scott Moon (Zombified) 7. Killing in cold blood shows the abandonment of humanity. Lilly and Abel then returned to their group to recruit more people to take the children from the school by force. These two had little shown interaction, but Lilly most likely saw Katjaa as very valuable due to her medical training. When the group gets distracted by Kenny killing a walker, Lilly grabs her pistol and points it at Ben fully believing that he is the traitor, but Doug pulls him out of the way and is accidentally shot in the back of the head. If Lee decides to try and help revive Larry, she will be more understanding towards Lee, and save him when he is held at gunpoint by Danny St. John, and later again when Andrew St. John is attempting to shove him into the electric fence. Lilly is shot in the cheek by AJ on Clementine's orders. Trusting only each other, the two must rely only on … Helping Kenny: If Lee chooses to help Kenny kill Larry believing that there is a risk, he aids Kenny in crushing Larry with the salt lick block by pulling Lilly off of her Dad and holding her back. She followed Lilly's orders and choose to side with her over the Boarding School Group. ". Lilly seems to trust Brenda and views her and her family as kind people. This list shows the victims Lilly has killed: 1. After this task is complete she will tell Lee that it's not easy doing what she does. Clementine tells AJ to put down the gun (Alive): AJ says okay and lowers the gun. < > Showing 1-15 of 55 comments . [3]. Lee then needs to make a decision on whether to side with Kenny or Larry. She asks Lee to look around for clues. I don’t feel that Lee has been in this new world long enough to get to that point, it took much longer for Rick in the comics to kill the living. Kenny is angered by Lee's indecisiveness, but Lilly does not hold anything against him. She glared at Clementine through the fire then took off with her group. However she displayed a lack of consideration for Katjaa when she decided that Kenny's vote regarding the thief of the group's supplies would count for both him and Katjaa. She will state that Lee was either smart for kicking her out or stupid for letting her stay after she killed Carley/Doug. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews The Walking Dead > General Discussions > Topic Details. Lilly appears in the first three episodes of the first season and the last three episodes of the last season. The Walking Dead. During the initial stages of the outbreak, Lilly hid out with Meghan, David, and her younger sister, Tara, in her apartment complex. Brown All the while, he can't seem to take his eyes off Lilly. As the group bonded over drinks, she praised him for the safe life he'd helped create for the people around him. They get the pills, treat Larry, and figure out a plan to escape. Bob Stookey (Before Reanimation) 14. Lilly is the final character in the series to die at the prison. For about a year the family spent their days in the apartment, relying on candles for lighting and making the most out of their circumstances. After the group escapes the St. John's Dairy Farm, the group hears a car parked with doors open. Later, Lee comes to talk to her and apologizes for what happened earlier, which she somewhat forgives him for. Nikki Rapp, Actress: The Walking Dead: The Game - Season 1. Her breakdown stemmed from her beginning to suffer from paranoia when the group's medical supplies began disappearing and the continued strain … Games Walking Dead. While incredibly strong-willed, she will always submit to her dad, Larry, a grizzled old man with a history of heart problems.[2]. This starts their relationship off on a bad level. Lilly is shown to be disgusted by James since he was a Whisperer. Lilly Chambler is based off of two separate characters from The Walking Dead universe. … Lilly can angrily tell Danny that she should kill him for playing a role in her father's death, or Lilly can berate Lee if he refuses to kill Danny (Determinant). After Lee opens the door in the barn, Lilly is shown at the dinner table with everyone else. For The Walking Dead: Episode 3 - Long Road Ahead on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "So what happens if I leave Lilly behind or if you choose to go with her? Death Episode When her group forcefully entered the school and the situation escalated, she reluctantly ordered her people to kill if necessary, but could not bring herself to kill Clementine at first and she was instantly regretful of having to kill Mitch, as she had a brief mental relapse, only to recover moments later. In the PS4, Xbox One, and remaster collection release, this was fixed and Lilly has her regular appearance in "Starved For Help". She is a resident of Woodburyand a member of the Woodbury Army. She will tell Clementine she's genuinely impressed for being able to infilrate the boat. After the attack, Tenn apologizes to Clementine for trusting Lilly. However, Kenny believes they both made the right decision. Lee tells her he doesn't envy her. She then demands the St. John's to let her and the group go before Lee is knocked out. Their conversation can end in four ways, firstly Clementine can attempt to make a third shot that again misses or tell Lilly that if they ever meet again she will kill her, leaving their relationship on negative terms. Lilly says that she learned the powerful effect of demonstrations from her father from this event, as she never left a light on again. Lilly recounts how she used to leave the lights on when she left empty rooms and- no matter how many times her dad complained to her about her waste of electricity- she never remembered to turn off the lights. Lilly is the only antagonist to appear alive in more than one season., The Walking Dead Wiki Interviews/Gavin Hammon,,,, Lilly is the fourth and final major recurring antagonist in the, Though Lilly has the first canonical appearance of the four of them, she is not considered an antagonist until ". He seemed to have a friendly, mutually respectful relationship with Lilly. When Kenny suggests leaving in the RV, she scolds him (and Lee, depending if he helped to kill Larry) about how she trusts them. Speed Wilkins (Out of Mercy) 13. Later on, Clementine mentions Lilly and that she gave Clementine hair bobbles for her hair that she still keeps. After the brutal onslaught ensued leaving many dead, Lilly found Philip lying in the grass after he was stabbed and left bleeding to death by Michonne. With trust in outsiders at an all time low, Clementine and the rest of the survivors … A walker approaches her and she begins to run. Lee is confronted with the decision of leaving her behind, or allowing her to stay with the group in order to pass judgment on her later. Seeing through her lie, Clementine orders AJ to shoot, Lilly is then shot in the cheek – killing her instantly. Lilly often appears to scold Tara on her use of swear words in front of Meghan and her attitude towards "Brian". Series Lifespan As her death wasn't confirmed until after the episode in which it happened, Lilly never received an "In Memoriam" tribute on.

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